Activity | LuhConf22 | Field trip to the Island of Peljesac

Observing in practice

Enjoy wednesday afternoon with a guided tour to the Dalmatian Island of Peljesac, north of Dubrovnik. Get a unique insight into the Dalmatian culture, history, landscape and regional cuisine.

Read more about the Island of Peljesac online. You probably didn’t know, that on Peljesac, you’ll find the longest wall from pre-modern history, next after the Chinese wall. Experience the abundance of wineyards, restaurants, beaches and get on the trails for those filled with wanderlust.

Program now online (see below).

Participation is optional, at your own expense and subject to availability and weather conditions.


13:00 – We meet in Front of Pile Gate, where we meet the bus that brings us to Mali Ston.

14:30 – Arrival at the city of Ston.
Enjoy some free time to explore Ston, where you can:

  • climb the city wall,
  • visit the ancient salt pads of Ston
  • enjoy the lapidarium
  • supply yourself with refreshments for the following trip to the famous beach.

16:30 – Visit to Prapatno Beach, where we’ll have approx. 1 hour to swim at the pebble beach.

18:00 – Pelješac bridge panorama

19:30 – Wine tastning at Marlais winery, 3 different types of local wine

21:00 – 5 course dinner in a 15th century mill in the village Majkovi with unlimited local wine.

23:00 – 00:00 return trip to Dubrovnik

Ston on the Island of Peljesac and Dubrovnik

Want to know more about the locations?

Ston City Walls

Take a hike on the longest pre-modern wall after the Chinese Wall – or enjoy an oyster menue in a local tavern.
Read more about your options on this wonderful report from a traveller visiting Ston and Mali Ston.
Info: Lunch/access to tower not included in the price.

Marlais Wineyard

Enjoy an introduction to regional wines from the high-quality Marlais Wineyard.
They will introduce us to the history of wine production in the greater Dubrovnik area as well as serve three distinct, local wines.

Prapatno Beach

Enjoy the companionship of swimming Luhmannian fellows or enjoy the beauty of an adriatic pearl from the beach.
The local turist information has put a youtube-video online with photos from the beautiful beach.
Info: Remember to bring swimming gear when packing for LuhmannConference 2022.

Pelješac Bridge

Opened in july 2022, the bridge provides a fixed link from the southeastern Croatian semi-exclave to the rest of the country while bypassing Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s short coastal strip at Neum.
Fun fact: Mostly funded by European money and build by Chinese workers.

5 course dinner menu

Homemade vegetable soup as a start, followed with homemade prosciutto, homemade cheese in oil, fresh cheese served with homemade honey.

The main dish is Peka( traditional croatian slow cooked dish under the iron bell, lamb and veal together with potatoes) or fish or vegetarian alternative.

As for dessert most often served is traditional Dubrovnik Republic cake (depending on the time of the year)

After dessert as final meal is the seasonal fruit with the support of UNLIMITED amount of homemade wine.


This trip has been co-organized with the provider “Kresimir II” from Best Way. Contact details on the venue page.

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